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We at ExKnow dedicate our wealth of experience and our entire competence to the optimization and streamlining of business processes - in-time and in-budget. With a strong, customer- and solution-oriented approach, ExKnow develops solutions that support and enhance an organization's business strategies and processes. Our philosophy, which is deeply rooted in our transparent project methods, enables high-quality, state-of-the-art solutions with a strict focus on client satisfaction. Your success is the main principle of ExKnow Consulting, our consultants and partners.
Subsidiaries Core Competences

ExKnow is headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Through a network of partners we also operate from different locations, such as our subsidiary in Istanbul, Turkey.

With a strong, global perspective, ExKnow is a competent partner for complex ECM, SAP, Hummingbird and Navision projects, as well as for rollouts and assett analyses.

With a strong background in document, records and knowledge management, archiving and ECM/SAP implementations ExKnow has a strong focus on high-quality solutions that increase your business performance and help to reduce costs at the same time.

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