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Navision Integration

Navision frees you to focus on your business. With more than 35,000 small to mid-size companies in over 50 countries relying on Microsoft Navision every day to help them run their operations, you can feel confident about building your business with it.

Your business is our business

The Navision business solution is accurately tailored to meet the various needs of mid-sized enterprises. It is based on the proven principles of simplicity, flexibility and innovation. Navision can be quickly implemented and adapted. It is also easy to maintain. Its high quality is proven day by day: Customers worldwide rely on Navision as a reliable and high performance solution. Whether you want to replace your existing software or to integrate the solution into your existing IT environment, Navision is openly and easily adaptable. And if your enterprise grows, your business solution grows with it.

Increase your productivity

Make use of the current information at the right time: Through the integration of a common data base your work is always based on the most current information. This information is not only available to you, but also to your employees and your partners - depending on the access rights granted.

Review all processes in detail

Through high performance SIFT technology you can evaluate all data quickly and efficiently. SIFT has been specifically developed to provide you with all the necessary information each time you need it. In Navision each transaction is stored so that even very complex business transactions become comprehensible and transparent. You can, for example, review your product stock based on detailed data. Comprehensive research and filter functions support you in finding exactly the information you need.

Automate routine tasks

With Navision you can automate recurring tasks, such as order invoicing, dispatching or your correspondence simply and efficiently. All automatically processed information is updated immediately. This reduces your administrative expenses and frees your employees from routine tasks so they can concentrate on more substantial or new tasks.

Reduce your cost

Through XML based, system-wide data exchange with your customers and suppliers via over the Internet as well as through web-based self-service functionalities you can substancially reduce transaction costs and co-operate with your business partners more efficiently. Through optimized planning you can also reduce the overall cost in your enterprise and make operational processes more efficient. React quickly to changing requirements such as order changes or varying extents of utilization.

Ready for Navision?

Are you ready for Navision? Talk to us! With an individual presentation we can present you even more benefits Navision has to offer for your enterprise.

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